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Cooking Classes To Build Team Spirit and Company Loyalty. "Food Brings People Together"

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Culinary Team Building In Italy

Cooking shows and culinary reality TV have fostered an increasing interest in culinary, team building programs across the world.  Companies, small and large are seeing the value of using culinary team building events as an alternative to dinner during team building retreats, sales rallies or are stand-alone corporate venues.  CIBO has perfected the process of combing cooking, fun, learning and camaraderie into a productive exciting event.

Companies are inviting employees, clients and future prospects to culinary team building events.  Culinary Team building in Italy is wonderful way to enhance company loyalty.   CIBO’s state-of-art kitchens and inviting, friendly environment provide a fun way to foster productiveworking relationships and enhance company morale.  CIBO’s clients have told us that our programs have been the highlight of their stay in Italy and we welcome you to read our reviews and testimonials.

How is CIBO Different?

Q: Who is teaching the course?

A: CIBO employs professional restaurant, pastry and pasta chefs.  Many of our staff have advanced culinary and educational degrees.  Stefano Corvucci, gave up his career in law to follow his passion for cooking and owns two restaurants in Bologna.  Unlike many “cooking schools” in Italy, CIBO is a licensed cooking school, visited by local health authorities and is NOT held in someone’s apartment, which is against Italy sanitary code.  CIBO’s “team building” classes are not passive cooking demonstrations with little group interaction but rather “hands-on” individual and group participation We have set classes but we are more than happy to design a custom course to fit your individual needs and/or requests

What are CIBO Culinary Team Building Goals?

A:  CIBO staff has lots of creative ideas to develop a culinary team building experience for you and your company when visiting Italy. We can customize your special event and create tailored seasonal menus, and intra-departmental cooking challenges. If team building in Italy is your objective, contact us and together we can make your event a huge success.

Working together we aim to:

  • Boost morale
  • Foster collaboration
  • Improve communication
  • Build new relationships with work colleagues / customers
  • Enhance problem solving skills
  • Stimulate creativity


Q:  What is your capacity and group size you can accommodate at CIBO?

A: We think a small group is the ideal size but we also accommodate large groups at our various locations in Bologna. So if you have a group from 10-35 we can work together and plan the perfect event to not only meet your needs, but we hope to exceed your expectations!  If you have a smaller group we can do more of a corporate event or wine and dinner activity. If you have more than 35 we can host your event at one of our off-site locations.

Q:  Why is CIBO’s Culinary Team Building Program more than just a cooking class?

A: Companies across the world are seeing the power of team building exercises in a non threatening, enjoyable atmosphere of cooking classes, donning aprons and having a  ” an “Italian Cooking Adventure”  and learn as much about group dynamics than managers who attend other traditional team-building programs.

  Email us and we will work together to creative a fun-filled bonding day for your personnel

Q: What’s Your Plan For Our Cooking Team Building Class

A: Our chef/instructor can act as your facilitator or bring your own, together we team up to make you  a highly successful and fun day at CIBO in Bologna, Italy.

  • Phase 1:  Introduction and Orientation 

    Optional Ideas:
    • Menu Design with Brainstorming tools
    • Shopping Challenge
    • Restaurant Decor Challenge
  • Phase 2: Interactive Cooking Challenge
  • Phase 3: Relaxing and Dining
  • Phase 4: Judging, Feedback & Prizes

Q: What are the types of programs you offer?

A: Here are some choices:

Italian Cook-Off  Follow The Recipe Challenge

Our festive Italian Cook Off is an exciting, creative cooking team building event designed to increase camaraderie within a group. Culinary skills will come in handy as each team develops their skills in FOLLOWING A RECIPE to create an unforgettable Italian dish. Creativity and artistic talent will also be needed in designing a team apron and Logo.  It will take great creativity and organizational group skills to win over the Employer and CIBO panel of judges!

  • Group Size: 8-35
  • Team Size: 8 to 15
  • Program Length: 2 to 2.5 hours

Team Cooking Challenge can be a delivered as a competitive or cooperative team building event!  In addition to preparing their dishes, teams will complete text, photo, and video challenges using iPads® we provide. As teams answer questions correctly, they gain access to the marketplace and select the ingredients they choose to make their various dishes. Teams will be given the ingredients and a dish description but not a specific recipe, and that’s where the team building comes in!

  • Group Size: 10-35
  • Team Size: 6 to 7
  • Program Length: 2 to 4 hours


Enjoy Corporate Team Building Through Fun and Interactive Cooking Classes In Bologna, Italy