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Culinary Team Building At CIBO
Team Building Cucina Bologna

The Culinary Institute of Bologna offers highly rated cooking classes, corporate, culinary team-building, off-site programs and private corporate events that enhance team cooperation, creativity and a fun-bonding experience.

“Food Brings People Together”

At CIBO we believe that culinary team building events create an environment that fosters individual and group-think creativity, communication and cooperation among participants.

By having a culinary team building session  people to relate in ways not possible in the office.Looking for an enjoyable Team Building event for your employees or clients? Is your company looking for the perfect culinary team builder event? The Culinary Institute of Bologna will customize a hands-on Culinary Team Building offsite event or Private Cooking event to meet your specific needs.

Contact us and let us work with you to develop a unique and enjoyable culinary experience at the The Culinary Institute of Bologna kitchen! View a sampling of our most popular special event menus.

Who is CIBO?

Located in downtown, historic Bologna, CIBO (The Culinary Institute of Bologna) has been providing first class, cooking instruction to individuals and corporations in a unique manner.  All people working at CIBO have a passion for food and teaching and our goal is not to merely teach recipes but to teach techniques that generalize to all types of dishes. It is this philosophy that has ranked CIBO as one of the top cooking schools in Italy.  We care about what we do and it shows. Our goal is to give you an experience that will be highly successful and memorable.

We are professionals working in two state-of-art, government, healthy inspected facilities (it is against Italian law to serve or prepare food in a home or apartment).   Most importantly our philosophy is “You talk and we listen.”  Working together assures us that we fulfill your needs and meet or exceed your expectations.